Don’t you think this is (in part) to get the hardcore believers (us) to believe that NHI are a danger?

It’s their hail-mary and works impressively well, especially if the MH370 videos are real. Check it out:

A whistleblower steps forward with information that implies we have had all the energy, defense, multidimensional, extraterrestrial goods for decades Multiple counter-intelligence officials (Lue and Grusch most recently) say/imply humans have been killed/hurt by NHI Most of the world hits snooze til there is evidence (despite all the evidence) So, the DoD finds the hardcore people (us) and magically coughs up impossibly good angles of evidence for something that gripped the world in 2014… and the evidence also implies an attack (of sorts) by NHI This is where we are RIGHT NOW…The hardcore believers work intensely to verify the evidence and in doing so, “inception” ourselves into believing NHI are a danger This is what they hope happens next… When the slow-roll disclosure occurs, no one will trust the government anymore, and instead they’ll trust in the minds that decoded this all ahead of disclosure. And since we’re “ahead” of the rest of the world in NHI research, knowledge, and folklore, WE lead the rest of the world into the NHI-is-a-danger inception The world governments don’t collapse (and instead probably strengthen) because we’ve provided them with a once-in-a-civilization loophole: the government(s)/DoD were protecting humanity from NHI all along, had to do so in secrecy, and now it’s time to give all your taxes to survival

Here’s my point: when the dust settles, the truth about MH370 won’t have shifted my perspective on who the bad guy is… and I’m hoping we’re all on the same page about that

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