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Jeremy Corbell established during his most recent Joe Rogan interview that he is friends with Rod Roddenberry, an executive producer of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (& son of Gene R.). It’s no secret that Star Trek is popular with engineers, and there’s no reason why engineers working on The Program should present any exception to this truism. And uncharacteristic for the franchise, UFO themes have been hit#Teaser) pretty hard throughout the Strange New Worlds run.

Could disclosure-themed appeals be being intentionally disseminated through this series, breaking through all the compartmentalization & reaching this unique segment of the Trek audience? With a goal of advancing purposes of Disclosure in mind, I make the case that if this segment is picking up on the same cues I do, then they might not be imagining things after all…:

Sunrise at Shiprock, New Mexico. Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash (Eagle-eyed fans will notice this image hiding in the discussed episode)

PS shout-out to r/UFOB for providing me advance feedback in the form of upvotes 🙂

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