Blue orb in Melbourne, AUS last night

Hello all! So I’ve never really been into UFOs bc I always thought it was a hoax, but I saw something very unexplainable last night at around midnight AEST.

There’s not much to the story at all. I was simply in bed trying to fall asleep with my shutters open as I usually do. Anyway, I opened my eyes as I was about to turn over and try a different sleeping position when I see this very bright and noticeable blue orb far in the distance in the sky simply plummet downwards. It moved at an incredibly fast pace before disappearing after plummeting down for about 2 seconds.

Now, I have no idea what I saw last night, but it definitely wasn’t a comet or asteroid. I’ve never seen something so bright move so fast and suddenly to then disappear into thin air. Anyone have a similar experience?

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