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The recent mega-post (great work OP) specifically mentions a name associated with the RegicideAnon YouTube channel, obtained via a search engine. I did a bit of digging, and the findings are at least somewhat interesting.

There is a person with this name (referenced in the post) with a previous address listed at Luke Air Force Base. It would seem that this person’s wife actually served in the Air Force for 17 years before passing away in 2012.

While it’s difficult to find information on this person’s service/employment history, there is a LinkedIn profile consistent with the above information that lists the following as skills: Federal Government, Government, Research, Community Outreach, and Training. So there are some indications that this person had connections to both the Air Force and Federal Government roughly in this time period.

I can’t find any information that connects Luke Air Force Base directly to the NRO or the operation of MQ-1C drones in the early-mid 2010s. But I did think that the connection was interesting.

I am not sharing more information here to respect this person’s privacy, but feel free to do your own digging.

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