First of all, I wanna thanks all of the fellow Redditors being so involved in the back-and-forth discussion of the recently circulating videos of an airliner being abducted. Especially, I wanna pay respect to those anonymous heros/heroines who have thus far contributed a lot to this discussion by applying their professional skills and impressive critical thinking.

After days of reading countless posts of this topic, however, I have to admit that personally it’s really easy to drown in the sea of all kinds of marvelous analyses and insights. That’s the reason why I think it’d may be great to also take a step back and look at this problem from a macroscopic perspective.

There seem to be 3 main theories of those videos to verify:

1. The plane were MH370.

2. The UFOs/UAPs revolving the plane + the instant disappearance were not post-added onto the original videos.

3. The videos themselves were real recorded clips.

It seems to me the third one holds plausible after days of back-and-forth debate and scrutiny, with the first and the second having less inspection or analysis. I’d recommend that we also dive into both of these two theories and try to falsify them. What do you guys think?

Last but not least, I wanna express my condolences to the families of MH370.

May the truth come to light.

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