I’ve never been against the belief of aliens, but never been full tin-foil hat. Ever since Ross Coulthart covered David Grusch I’ve been interested. I Live in Sydney, Australia and sightings are rarer than a steak cooked by my Brother, except about 10 minutes ago I went to take the bins and I’m pretty sure I saw a UFO. Looked up at the sky and saw something like a star moving. Before my brain could process it I looked away but quickly looked back once I realised it.

It was a tiny dot, looked exactly like a star in the night sky, but it was moving fairly quickly. About the speed of an airplane when it’s directly above you, but what I saw was moving quicker and was all the way up in the sky. I thought it was a plane but it never blinked it’s lights. I thought it was a meteor but like I said it moved much more like a quick plane.

I have nothing to prove I did but it’s exactly how the others describe how it usually goes. It travelled fairly quickly. It wasn’t moving erratically, but more in a straight line. Right before I was about to tick it off as a plane or my eyes messing up, it made a 90 degree turn that nothing else physically can, and took off insanely quickly without any signal it was going to. I’m still in shock of what I saw, in the sense I don’t know what I just saw. Can any of you make sense of it or give me a reasonable explanation?

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