I was introduced to Grusch through this sub and think he is credible. I think Graves and Fravor are more so, and are ambassadors for a body of aviators who critically need to push this issue. I still think what they’ve shared is largely true.

But turning around to see this sub talking about MH370 disappearance being because of NHI sucks. It truly sucks.

This big driver of power has taken its eye off the ball. Government moves by inches, and every minute you are building wild new theories is a minute you’re not backing up your front line folks out there. Don’t say it’s a Psy-Op, that people piling into crazy.

I’m ready to give up on the sub, maybe it’s a magnet for people who need to make things more complicated than they need to be for validation. I guess I can look forward to the inevitable mainstream news article that will be a year late.

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