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I’ve posted in this sub previously about the fact that there are sources for all 3 congress members claiming to have seen a photo shown to them by the general of the Eglin Air Force base if a craft that apparently leaves the observer with no doubt that it is not made by man. Gaetz famously gave the full description at the hearings but Luna and Tim have since admitted to seeing it as well and verified Gaetz statement.

Gaetz said he had to do some arm twisting to see it. It was originally pilots I believe who reported what they had seen to Gaetz and thats why he brought Luna and Tim with him to the base. At the base the pilot gave the context of the photo in his testimony before all 3 congressmen.

Now here’s the thing. Even if I go with the “Psy-Op” theory. That still doesn’t explain why neither the CIA, FBI, other congressmen, former government officials etc don’t seem to be concerned that at least a general and a pilot seem to be attempting to manipulate 3 SITTING MEMBERS of congress. It makes no sense. Thats a security risk. What if the general was a Chinese asset trying to manipulate US government affairs for example. And thats just one example.

No one in government should be comfortable knowing that these kinds of games are being played with congress members. The other possibility is that all 3 of them are lying, which I don’t see as very likely because if the timing and that would imply this were one of the grandest conspiracies of all time. I just don’t think that’s what it is but I leave that as a possibility. (I.e. that the American people are all being played by these people for some huge unknown purpose).

The Occasion Razor seems to be that there are at the very least some very very strange looking craft that we haven’t seen. If thats true: why aren’t other members of congress, the US government and the media as interested in seeing the photo the 3 congress members claim to have seen?

Do none of the other congressmen believe them? And if they don’t believe them its back to why they would allow such a fraud to continue when its an active security risk.

Someone please explain or put i to better words the pattern im trying to point out.


Its kind of scattered around what exactly they saw but I believe it was described as a red cube in a clear sphere surrounded by 4 craft. It is implied that that is the photo they saw or at least something similar “not of this world”

“Based on the evidence that I have personally seen, the technology that exists is something that I don’t think any government has currently,” Rep. Luna said. “When I was at Eglin Air Force Base, I did see a photo and I also talked to the pilots of something that is definitely not created by [us]”

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