In November 2004, one of the most powerful and sophisticated naval armadas in the world had its maneuvers repeatedly interrupted by unknown intruders. The USS Nimitz carrier group was jam-packed with high-tech sensor systems, but over a period of two weeks those sensors were repeatedly stymied by the appearance and disappearance of unidentified objects in the vicinity of the fleet. CDR David Fravor, the highly esteemed leader of the Navy’s best aviators, the Strike Fighter Squadron 41 (also known as the “Black Aces”), was directed to pursue one of the mystery objects. Fravor’s encounter with a craft now known as the TIC TAC UFO, might be the most important UAP incident of all time – even though the case was not formally investigated until six years later. When details about the encounter were first exposed to the public in 2017, Fravor’s life changed forever.

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