So I had an interesting experience with my local CE5 group here, noticed some major red flags. First off, the leaders require you not to eat have any non-vegan food items….not even in your own car. Basically if they catch you with a bit of cheese in your car, you are out. They also said no animal products in the vicinity of their neighborhood. The same applies to having a beer in your car or a joint…they want to control what you have off of the guy’s property. Super creepy.

They also claim everything is “free”, but you have to pass various tiers of training and donate $100 a month to get special access to the “higher tiers”… Just like scientology.

My final straw was how they want to control over how you think. I tried to get in to their Facebook page once and was blocked for “wanting to see what it’s all about with an open mind”, rather than already believing. The group blocked me. They also state you may not say anything negative about Steven Greer or you’ll be kicked out…so I got in using my alternate account 😂

Finally I noticed their event is right during the Perseid meteor shower this weekend and asked if they have any plans to distinguish between UFO/UAP and meteors… I got banned immediately for asking a question.

Bottom line, these guys operate exactly like a cult. Steer clear my friends 👽✌️

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