Kia Ora,

I hope everyone is faring well during these intriguing times.

My interest in Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) activities has been ongoing since approximately 2010, though I only took this matter with the significance it deserves in the passed few months.

In the near future, I will be composing a comprehensive post, meticulously examining the key figures presently entwined—either directly or indirectly—with the UAP hearings. Additionally, I plan to present a compilation of official government documents and studies, such as the recent research conducted in Ukraine. The intention behind this endeavor is to construct a coherent post that encapsulates our current position and guides us towards discerning the sources warranting skepticism.

Outlined below are individuals upon whom I have conducted extensive research:

Bob Lazar Jeremy Corbell George Knapp Ryan Graves David Grusch David Fravor Ross Coulthart

I’ve prioritized these individuals due to their notable impact on this Reddit community, thereby contributing to our collective understanding of the ongoing developments – for better or worse. This list will grow with time, but it seems like an appropriate starting place, especially with all the new comers.

In the near future, I intend to engage with several Redditors who have demonstrated remarkable proficiency in investigating pivotal areas – if they’re willing, I would love to collaborate their works into this post with due credits.

I am convinced that a meticulously structured, information-rich thread, amalgamating our current understanding, would greatly benifit us all with the assembly of the puzzle pieces.

Should you possess information, research findings, analyses, or suggestions to improve this process, I wholeheartedly encourage you to share them.

I kindly request that, for the purposes of this thread, we refrain from sharing MH370-related footage and information. This is not a reflection of my skepticism towards the topic, but rather an acknowledgment of the considerable task I have undertaken. There exist astute individuals engaging in extensive discussions on this matter in alternative forums.

Moho ora mai!

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