Commentary on the MF370 video and FLIR from an satellite intelligence expert – and unrelated, surprising info on UAPs

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I forwarded the FLIR and video of what some believe is flight MH370 to my friend (who I will call Dan) a retired career Air Force veteran with 22-years of enlisted service.

He currently works for the DOD as an intelligence expert. Dan’s expertise is in sat imagery, and he has reviewed thousands of hours of footage shot from Predator drones going back to their inception, in addition to thousands of hours of wok on sat imagery. While this post is very much a “I know a guy” deal and therefor subject to skepticism, I thought I’d post what he had to say regardless.

Read to the end because he is NOT skeptical of UAPs whatsoever and has personal experience working on UAP intelligence.

Dan said the video appears to be a clever fake. His reasons are as follows (I have ordered these from most compelling to least-compelling):

The exhaust plumes from the jet engines would read hot on FLIR. Especially so in a high-performance maneuver at or near full throttle. No such heat plumes exist. He said this is by far the most condemning evidence against the video. Additionally, the fuel in the wings (which may have been minimal considering how long the plane was in the air) still would have registered as significantly cooler than the plane body on FLIR. Predator drones and alternates don’t employ the sort of FLIR shown the video. He said that they usually shoot only in B&W because saturated color imagery tends to overwhelm and fatigue the drone operators. I asked about the comments on her of folks with Navy experience stating the this form of FLIR is common to the Navy, and he just laughed and said “people on the internet say all kinds of things.” He went back to his thousand+ hours of drone footage review and said he’d never encountered this sort of FLIR imagery shot from a drone. The made-much off accuracy of the done airframe visible in the video would be easily faked – simply create a video layer of the structure and superimpose it over the presented video. Drone footage would include a targeting reticle, airspeed and directional information, and other HUD info. It’s arguable that these were removed before the video was released for security or other unknown reasons. The maneuver being pulled by the 777 appeared to be too extreme – he suspects that sort of turn would have put too much strain on the airframe of the airplane. I actually disagree with him on this point – the new 777’s are extremely capable aircraft and I’ve seen videos of similar banking turns in extreme weather.

Dan’s thoughts on UAPs and his personal experience with UAP intelligence:

Dan said he has access to an air-gapped server at work with numerous videos of UAPs, and some of them are “mind blowing.” He said that most feature small, drone-sized UAPs that come in numerous shapes. Some are orbs, and others resemble the Stealth Nighthawk / are chevron shaped. He also has seen Tic-Tac videos (including the ones we have seen) and said the Tic-Tac’s come in varying sizes, including very small ones that are similar in scale to the ubiquitous orbs we’re all familiar with.

Interestingly, he said that many of these UAPs fly like those presented in the faked video right down to their seemingly erratic repositioning (a mating dance as one Redditor here described them).

My personal thoughts on these flight characteristics is that they seem almost insect-like, if insects coordinated via a hive-mind or ad-hock network. If controlled by an AI, flight dynamics such as what are shown in the video make more sense – pilots must coordinate in highly specific ways when near other aircraft. A single controlling AI that has no training (or need of training) based on human limitations and corresponding coordination techniques, might instead rely on algorithms which result in something that looks odd or fussy to a human observer.

Dan said that he has personally seen dozens of UAP videos that are compelling, clear, and that “strongly suggest” a non-human origin. He would not rule out the possibility that what he has seen was human-made, but if so, he thought they were more likely created by a US-adversary than by the United States.

He believes that what most of us in this subreddit generally accept to be true – that these events are ramping up in frequency. He said that “the cat is out of the bag,” or if not fully out, “is about to get loose.” He said he wouldn’t be shocked if a whistleblower came forward soon with existing intelligence that would “blow the minds” of the folks in doubt about the existence of UAP’s in general.

I realize all of this is second-hand. Take it as you will. I have known Dan for nearly two decades, and he has an office full of memorabilia from his USAF career, and has always been a straight shooter. I respect his perspective and though it might be useful to share it here.

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