I’ve found myself wondering about this a lot lately.

As someone that’s followed the subject casually since I was fascinated kid sitting in the “unexplained” section of the library, I’ve been through the initial shock that this* might be true, what that might mean about humans, our beliefs, our history and reality.

(*UFOs/government cover up)

For me its been a tumultuous relationship (with the subject) with a lot of introspection but also feeling like an idiot at times for falling for things I probably shouldn’t have.

I think part of the issue in approaching this subject is you do need to have an open mind but also remain suspicious of disinformation. I’ve been through a fluctuation of extremes from going deep down the woo-hole (some woo is good in my mind, theorising and speculating is how we discover new things, but it gets pretty muddy out there) to being overly paranoid and disbelieving in areas where I’ve also been proven wrong.

Anyway it’s been, and still is, a journey. It’s taken me decades to absorb this stuff, but there’s always more and I’m still confused a lot of the time. I can’t imagine how it is for those first becoming aware of it all just now.

How is it for you?

Was there a certain event that was the turning point for you?

If you’ve spoken about it to people around you, how have the responded?

Good on you for looking into this anyway.

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