I wanted to focus on a particular scenario in this post:

A scenario where we are miraculously revealed undisputable UFO evidence, but we really do not know UFOs purpose in carrying out operations on earth like we do on mars.

We may have dead bodies because they couldnt survive and what not, and current governments are unable to contact UFOs for communication.

Could it be a good idea to create a reserved area on earth’s surface, in a way like pyramids, and place a nuclear reactor buried within?

If the objects are in fact investigating various sources on earth including nuclear, we could potentially trigger a discovery task for UFOs to analyse the purpose of the reactor and the surrounding area.

If we can get them to conclude this area is reserved for their landing and communication, we could have a start.

One idea is to construct visually similar skeleton of their crafts observed and imaged throughout governmental bodies. This could maybe serve as an acknowledgement of their vehicles.

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