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Dear Senator ______________,

Hello! As you may know, a congressional bipartisan hearing on UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) was held on 7/26/23. For your convenience, the hearing is summarized in my own words below.

There were three witnesses who testified under oath:

Ryan Graves, an F18 pilot with 10 yrs of service including a part in Operation Enduring Freedom, who was voicing concerns of 30 other pilots as well as his personal concerns about UAPs

David Grusch, a US Intelligence officer for 14 yrs, Air Force member, Major in the International guard, and member of the national geospace intelligence agency. Grusch became a whistleblower through a PAD19 urgent filing in 2022 and reported to his superiors as well as the Inspector General (IG) that the US govt is operating in secrecy without congressional oversight

David Fravor, Retired commander US navy, who had an encounter with a UAP in 2004 (USS Nimitz) – part of squadron 41, the Black Aces

Some of the UAP’s these people have encountered of have incident reports for include:

Dark (gray or black) cube in a clear sphere that has no wings, propulsion system, or heat signature. Multiple (many?) contacts with this kind of object over years, especially the last 8 years. One of these was sighted at the entrance to an air force operation area (somewhere) hovering in midair with no propulsion. A pilot came within 50 ft of that object and then they scrubbed the mission when the object zoomed out of sight. Graves spoke to the pilot post-mission (he was the commander).

From Fravor, 2004 – a Tic Tac shaped object (2004) also with no wings, seams (one big piece), rivets, wings, or propulsion system that came from 80000 feet (SPACE!!!), hing out for hours at 20000 feet and then returned to space and had been doing this for 2 weeks. There was also whitewater below the object, unsure why. Joked that the tic tac might be talking to something. The tictac aligned itself with Fravor’s aircraft and continued to climb with them at about 12000-15000 feet. As they came in close (half a mile away) the object suddenly vanished. It reappeared 16 miles away in less than a minute.

At Vanderberg Air Force base (now Space Force Base) in 2003 – a large group of Boeing contractors observed a large, 100-yd, red square approach the base from the ocean, hover over low altitude, remain for 45 sec and then darted over mountains in AM. In PM of same day, other sightings of red squares, including aggressive behaviors approaching security guards at rapid speeds before heading off.

Evidence exists of four craft in a clear diamond formation – a radar sequence exists. One pilot goes to check out and sees a large floating orb. His radar went down, FLIR camera malfunctioned, had to manually take an image from one of the lenses. Multiple accounts of these things affecting our radar and camera systems.

The GIMBAL video (released in 2017 when declassified by Govt) only shows one craft but there were more in a formation there. Traditional flying saucer shaped.

According to these three witnesses:

-Sightings of UAP (visually, radar, and pictures/video) are so frequent in military settings that air crew would discuss how to deal with UAP in their pre-flight briefs. Commercial/airline pilots also see UAP’s and contact the Air Force on how to deal with them. There is no current standardized system to report UAP’s, especially commercially.

-UAP’s move in ways that violate our understanding of the laws of physics, such as instant 90 degree turns, moving 10000 miles in a matter of seconds, going into and out of our atmosphere, matching speed, etc. To the witness’ knowledge, no one on Earth has this technology. There are a variety of theories being discussed about how UAP work, including some involving string theory, branes/other planes like in DnD, etc.

-Grusch claims the US Government has been aware of NHI and UAP’s since the 1930’s and that the US Government is operating a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program that is still active and operates without congressional oversight.

-Grusch said he would be able to name specific corporations that were friendly and unfriendly to the investigation. Grusch was denied access to the data from this program, which is unusual because he had access to all classifications of top secret data. In public, Grusch refused to discuss whether the US Government has had contact with ET’s.

-Also according to Grusch, there is an active disinformation campaign to discredit UAP’s by the US Government. More information is available in Grusch’s NewsNation interview. The witnesses estimate that 95% of UAP sightings go unreported as a combination of a disinformation campaign and a lack of a way to report sightings. According to Grusch, different congressional members have different levels of knowledge about UAP’s.

-The US Government is currently in possession of UAP’s as well as biological specimens (bodies?) from crashes. Grusch maintains that all pilots can make a mistake, hence crashes happen sometimes.

-Grusch has interviewed people with 1st hand knowledge of Non Human Intelligent craft. NHI is better than ET (extraterrestrial) as a term because we don’t know where they come from. All 3 witnesses have seen UAP’s do things they can’t explain through physics.

-US Aerospace corporations are siphoning government funds in order to further black site projects (money supposed to go somewhere else but actually funds black site projects). Aerospace companies are overcharging the government for their products and that $$$ is also going to black site projects. These corporations and individuals are using IRAD (independent research and development) to get this money because there’s no oversight. A group of career senior exec. officials both inside and outside of government make these decisions on where the money actually goes. There is no requirement for private sector/companies to report UAP’s and when some do “report” it may actually go in the trash can. Grusch will supply a specific list of “friendly” companies to the UAP investigation and “unfriendly” companies that seek to hinder it.

-Whistleblowers (including Grusch) have experienced retaliation for their actions both personally and professionally.

-Multiple colleagues of Grusch have been injured BOTH by UAPs and by people in the Federal Government over the UAP issue. Possibly murder, but classified. Grusch and his wife personally witnessed something very disturbing.

-It is possible that the UAP’s are probing our capabilities, testing vulnerabilities, are interested in our nuclear capabilities, and we would be defenseless against them. They may represent an existential threat to the security of the US.

-Grusch can’t confirm publicly if the US Energy dept is involved in a public setting (classified).

Given this information, I urge you and Congress to investigate the matter further. While these claims are certainly fantastical, the three witnesses have years of experience and many credentials to their names. Their claims that our national security may be at risk as well as the safety of both military and commercial pilots are worth further investigation.

I look forward to your reply and thank you for your consideration.

Thank you,

Your Name

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