I tattoo people, and semi often bring up the UAP/UFO topic to see what people think, or if they’ve had an experience…

Today I mentioned the orbs flying around the plane – my client says he’s interested but remains sceptical on the whole subject, which I think is fair enough… He went on to tell about his (hard nosed, no nonsense) grandparents, who were farmers back in the 1970s in Antinoch, Illinois. Story goes, his grandfather was out burning trash in the field in front of the house when a large glowing red orb appears and hovers down over him.. Apparently his grandma noticed and went out to get the kids inside, she ran over to her husband & had to pull him away by the arm because he was transfixed. Apparently it wasn’t something that ever got brought up other than the time they told him.

I loved hearing that story because it’s rare you hear anything first/second hand, told with conviction, from someone who appears to be truthful yet still sceptical. Also the orb reminds me of the experience that was filmed by the two blokes in the car.

It made me wonder, if the wife hadn’t have noticed, and the orb just disappeared, would the guy have remembered the encounter? Then I thought that could actually happen all the time (like the video of the guys in the woods, walking by a ufo, look and keep walking only to notice it later when watching back)

Also if it happens on a mass scale but for whatever reason we can’t remember or fathom it.

Anyways, as always no solid proof of it but interesting nonetheless.

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