So most of us are well familiar with the Bob Lazar controversy. Based on what I’ve read, the only thing the lie detector proves is that HE believes he’s telling the truth. Grusch seems to corroborate what Lazar has already claimed, that we have nonearthly craft and nonhuman entities in our possession, and we’ve been trying to reverse engineer and glean as much technology as possible from all of it.

I would have thought that Lazar would have come forward after the last congressional hearing to offer more info. There’s a news clip from his anniversary visit back to Vegas where he tells George Knapp that he has additional information that would verify his story if he chose to provide it, but “I’m not gonna”. If Lazar is authentic, I would think now is the time to make that additional information public.

Is anyone surprised that he wasn’t one of the witnesses present at the hearing?

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