I had a thought the other day that what if these rogue agencies / shadow state have this technology regardless of whether it be through reverse engineering or developed by humans. Could they be pushing for a limited disclosure to distract us from assuming it is them we are seeing and not NHI? Maybe this agency has been testing their craft and with the recent increase in attention and widespread video recording they need to keep the heat off of themselves. Hence their reason to give elected officials and the general public just enough to keep our focus on NHI.

Another thought was if NHI are advanced as we sometimes assume, which they may not be, wouldn’t they be capable of building craft that very closely resemble our craft but have NHI propulsion systems? Especially if you consider the theory of the underwater production facility which builds craft to whatever spec they need. This would allow them in some instances to be less obvious. Although maybe they don’t care if we see them. Or maybe it never was NHI that we are seeing…

I’m not sure if this has been considered previously but lately I have given up trying to read every single new theory’s because of the overwhelming number of them as much as I do enjoy them.

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