Many people think the US isn’t documenting reports of UAP sightings as a part of their elaborate disinformation campaign. I’ve been thinking more about the topic this month, and one thing didn’t add up to me. Why wouldn’t the US want more intelligence about UAPs?

I was thinking about it over lunch when I overheard a kid pointing out to his mother the next bus rolling through town. She (rudely) said to him, “You don’t have to tell me every time you see a bus. They come every 30 minutes.” And then it clicked.

What if the US doesn’t entertain UAP reporting because it doesn’t need to? They may already know what they are, why they’re there, and when/where they’ll show up. These reports may not provide any info that this secret government program doesn’t already know. They won’t waste more time and resources jotting down every orb or tictac they already know about. They may not want us to recognize the patterns they themselves may have set into motion. Just a brief thought.

Any additional thoughts/commentary are welcome.

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