Hey, sorry for the longer post — just finding this thought particularly interesting right now. I know that people have previously discussed potential UFO/AI links but after some quick (admittedly cursory) research, I’m more intrigued by the thought. I feel like the conversation often discusses UAPs apparent interest in nuclear tech, but what if the interest is actually in human derived AI, because, well, UAPs are some manifestation of AI as well?

An interesting observation that supports this is a correlation between the influx of UFO attention and the rise of AI on earth. I might be guilty of confirmation bias in this research, but some things do align pretty interestingly. Of course, the first more “modern” UFO wave occurred in 1947, which coincided with the birth of computer science and the development of the first electronic digital computers, as well as the famous Roswell incident. The second major UFO wave seems to have occurred in 1965-1966, which coincided with the emergence of artificial intelligence as a scientific discipline and the establishment of the first AI laboratories, as well as the Kecksburg incident, where a fireball was seen over several states and Canada, and an acorn-shaped object was reportedly found in Pennsylvania. The third major UFO wave occurred in 1973-1974, which coincided with the development of the first microprocessors and personal computers, as well as the Pascagoula abduction, where two men claimed to have been taken aboard a UFO by robot-like creatures near a river in Mississippi. Another major UFO wave occurred in 1989-1990, which coincided with the birth (well, rebirth, kind of) of neural networks and deep learning, as well as the Belgian UFO wave, where thousands of people reported seeing triangular-shaped objects flying at low altitude over Belgium. Finally, we reach the UFO wave of today (~2017-present), which coincided with the breakthroughs in natural language processing and computer vision, and a million other AI breakthroughs that I’m losing track of LOL — and that is of course coinciding with, well, everything that’s going on now.

I’m not trying to make a claim or anything — moreso just having a self thought experiment here and would be interested to hear others opinions. Like, what if these craft are AI monitoring the birth of AI elsewhere in the universe (I.e. earth)

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