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Years ago (roughly 2015) my brother and I procrastinated taking out the trash at my folks house while they were on vacation. Eventually it was around 2am and we remembered to finally take out the trash. We lived near a small private airport in upstate New York so we’re used to seeing single engine planes and whatnot around the neighborhood. After walking the trash to the curb we turn around to see this big object moving slowly towards us. It was completely silent until it was a few yards away/ basically on top of us. It had two giant rotors in front and a series of grated windows in front with a bright light emanating from inside. It was pitch black outside so we couldn’t really tell the color of the craft but it looked black or brown in the slightly lit area of the belly beneath the windows that was lit slightly.

Today: So today I was listening to a podcast about the Battle of Los Angeles, which mentioned a theory that the craft used were Vought V-173s, also known as “the flying pancake” which were fighter craft built in Connecticut in the 1940s. The front of the craft is the closest thing to what my brother and I saw, and even through my research I found out the V-173 was known for its ability to fly very slowly and maintain altitude. So it fits…

HOWEVER, I can’t find anything online about if any Vought V-173s are in-tact and in use anywhere near our old house or neighboring states. I also don’t know why this aircraft would be flying at night at low altitude.

Are there any resources I could use to possibly confirm if this is what we saw?

I appreciate any and all help. Thanks!

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