With a decade of experience in IT and a natural inclination for problem-solving, I am exploring the UFO phenomenon. My aim is to use my analytical skills to better comprehend the UFO phenomenon by connecting the dots.

In brief, I encountered an intriguing at-home cloud chamber science experiment some years ago. The experiment entailed utilizing a fish tank, dry ice, and 99% isopropyl alcohol. By carefully arranging these components and exposing the tank to a bright light in a dark room, a cloud is generated, revealing the presence of cosmic background radiation through the observation of particles entering the tank.

The significance of this lies in its potential connection to the broader phenomenon in several ways. Cosmic background radiation, when coming into contact with specific segments of DNA, can cause cancer.

In this context, it is noteworthy that the further one ventures beneath the Earth’s surface, the lower the levels of cosmic background radiation, resulting in reduced risks of certain cancers. For instance, the Sanford Underground Research Facility was constructed at significant depths to minimize the interference of background radiation, enhancing the study of dark matter.

Drawing a parallel, I would like to explore the characteristics of a creature residing a mile below the ocean’s surface or within a deep cave. These environments necessitate adaptations to low-light conditions. For instance, numerous fish and bats possess extraordinary low-light adaptations, leading to a notably pale, almost eerie version of their surface-dwelling counterparts. Notably, these low-light-adapted beings have larger black eyes, optimized for vision in the darkness, while all pigmentation is lost.

Hence, my theory posits that the entities commonly perceived as extraterrestrial beings are, in fact, a subset of humans who have evolved to thrive in low-light conditions below the Earth’s surface. I propose that they chose this subsurface lifestyle to avoid the detrimental effects of background radiation, which compromises the lifespan of surface-dwelling humans.

The integration of various conjectures further bolsters this hypothesis:

The commonly referenced “greys” represent a pale subset of humans that have evolved for low-light environments. These entities exhibit no inclination to establish contact with humans because they belong to a distinct subset, dwelling underground to evade potential hazards, potentially triggered by past interactions with our species. Their interest in nuclear facilities is linked to their vigilance concerning background radiation prevalence. Their ability to sense and detect bursts of radiation allows them to ensure their safety in their subterranean colonies. The advent of nuclear bombs likely piqued their curiosity and prompted closer investigations. In my opinion, these beings, despite their advanced capabilities, appear to lack any interest in safeguarding the universe or humanity from the perils of nuclear bombs. Instead, their focus on nuclear facilities and incidents could be attributed to a self-preservation instinct. Their primary concern lies in mitigating their own exposure to background radiation, ensuring their safety within their subterranean colonies or beneath the ocean depths. Rather than originating from the future, they are an advanced version of ourselves, accounting for their seamless understanding and manipulation of our technology. The absence of windows in UFOs aligns with their low-light adaptation, relying on advanced technology to navigate their surroundings in a different spectrum. The higher prevalence of UFO activity and sightings at night correlates with the preference of low-light-adapted humans to emerge during periods of reduced illumination. The purported “cows mutilations” could serve as a means of actively monitoring surface-dwelling organisms for cell mutations and cancer caused by background radiation. The specific areas targeted are consistent with those frequently impacted by cancer. While some may dismiss the UFO phenomenon’s prevalence in America, it is essential to recognize that such perceptions are skewed by factors like advanced military aircraft systems, a population actively looking to the skies, and the country’s higher concentration of nuclear facilities.

In conclusion, the current progress made in news and governmental discussions is remarkable. However, I firmly believe that the true answers lie beneath the Earth’s surface and ocean depths. Numerous UFO sightings emerging from caves and oceans serve as intriguing clues, warranting further exploration. As an analogy, more people have set foot on the moon than ventured into the abyssal depths of the Titanic wreckage.

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