I woke up this morning from a very strange dream.

I was at some sort of house party, somewhere in Vermont (I want to say Randolph). This “party” was part of a larger “block party”. It was night, and there was snow on the ground.

Out on the street, down a bit from the house I was at… there was a gathering of serious looking people getting camera equipment out of a van. Someone pointed to them and said “those are people from the History Channel”.

Also at the house, and street… were armed soldiers. Likely the national guard. They were communicating to each other on radio’s, discussing the “event” that was about to start. I was trying to leave at one point, but was stopped because “the whole town was still under quarantine”. It was a very real dream, and I can still see the faces of the people who were there.

Finally, the “event” was about to begin. The armed guards rounded everyone up together, moving all of us outside. I had a blanket wrapped around me, but spread it on the cold snow… like I was getting ready to watch the “fireworks”.

Out of the blue, small bits of burning something or other, fell to the ground. They were like smoke bombs… or perhaps flares. Smoke and haze filled the ground level, but it wasn’t very disturbing to us. Almost like vapor from dry ice, rather than a combustible material. It was strange, and we had no idea where the burning bits came from. I did try to put some of it out, as a piece landed near my blanket and was melting through the snow. But I failed, melting part of my shoe in the process.

The show begins….

The night sky turned white. Like a giant I-MAX dome screen. Part of the sky, began to get wavy… and colorful. It progressed into something you might see on a drug like LSD or DMT. Or maybe the videos that try to replicate what it’s like to be on psychedelics. Patterns of colorful waves… emanating from a small point in the sky, like a pebble thrown in water.

I got excited and said something like “AHHH SHIT… HERE IT COMES AGAIN”.

Suddenly (in the dream) I remembered why the town was in lockdown. There was an alien craft that had been hovering over a patch of forest, extremely close to the town, for quite some time. It was big national/global news for a while… so that’s how camera crews got there before the lockdown.

I expected to see more alien crafts emerge from the center of the trippy ripple pattern! I was SO EXCITED, but I held my girlfriend and children close… as they were truly scared. The psychedelic waves expanded, eventually covering the entire sky. Then it happened.

Commercials came on. Just like a giant I-MAX dome would probably do. Pieces of this giant dome were falling apart… and that’s what was burning all over the ground. It was like the Truman Show, meets acid.

A craft did emerge! However, it was just a simple common helicopter. Some guy in a suit came on the screen… and began talking about the inconveniences of being cut off from the world… and that we should all feel proud of ourselves, because we were true patriots… and we were about to be let into an elite group of people on Earth who “know the truth” and should feel honored… and blah, blah, blah.

Unfortunately, as the guy was about to let us in on this BiG SECRET…………

I woke up.

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