So, I have been looking into this topic since Cmdr. Fravor was on the Rogan Podcast. Its been a wild ride, finding all this new information, up to the point where I was pretty certain, that what all these people and information tell us, is true.

What I couldnt make any sense of, since there is just cryptic and unsufficient information, is the part about the “ultimatum” or event thats suppose to happen. Nor could I make any sense of what Delonge said about love, harmony, entitites that feed off of our negative “energies” and all that. There was talk about a galactic federation, trying to help us.

I was worried about Leslie Keen, saying, that she doesnt plan life for longer then 3 years, for whats about to come…

Now, I found a thread which was originally about meditation. I asked for advice on how to begin on this subject and somebody posted me a link:

This seems to be the source where everything regarding the “somber” parts of disclosure derive from. And I dont like what I read there. Its in a nutshell typically religious believes and demanding me living my life in a certain way. Thats exactly what pushed me away from religion in the first place.

But thats not what this post is about. This post is meant to speak about the fact, that the given information from the law of one seem to be the whole UFO lore that the prominent UFO figures seem to recite. But to me it seems, they all just copied the information from there, and somehow mystified it and retold it to us.

It feels like somebody stripped the already known religions of their bad parts, simplified the message and now people start to believe in this, as if all this is proven. I mean, they begin their Introduction by saying: “Believe without proof” and I think thats a HUUUGE red flag.

So does all this come down to some dudes having seances in the 80s ?! Have people in the government lost their mind believing these stories ?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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