Our ET allies might be trying to confirm that we’re right about the footage representing real nefarious action by certain other ETs.

This one that showed up in the last few weeks:

Crop Circle | Preston Grange, Preston Candover, Hampshire | 02/08/23 – YouTube

This is analysis of an older crop formation, from the year after it happened, potentially referencing MH370: http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2015/Aeroporto/codes.html

The timing makes me suspect that they’re monitoring our communications, to help decide what we need to know before making the formations they make. The new one looks like the three large spherical objects surrounding the plane, and the emanating circular flash detected by the thermal imaging camera. A confirmation that this is indeed what happened, perhaps.

Maybe we should try communicating back, making a website or a subreddit specifically for this purpose in which we ask questions, ask for clarification, and collate analysis of the formations so that they can respond directly to what we’re saying about them?

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