This massive, underwater vehicle has a unique diamond-shaped design that brings to mind both the B-21 Raider bomber and real-life Manta rays. While specific details about its abilities are kept secret, DARPA has shared some interesting hints about what the Manta Ray can do.

The Manta Ray will be a key player in a fresh batch of UUVs that can travel far distances for extended periods and manage diverse payloads. It’s designed to be easily transported in sections in regular containers and put together on-site, saving space at docks or naval bases. This makes for swift deployment without losing time or adding wear during transport.

Judging by the people and a small boat in the pictures, it’s clear the Manta Ray is quite large. It features a rear section with covered propellers and possibly thrusters for steering. Additionally, there are likely antenna, water inlets, and its overall shape suggests it’s optimized for efficient underwater movement.

Northrop Grumman, the main contractor, states that the Manta Ray is built with modular parts and energy-saving features. These include the capability to anchor itself on the seabed and enter hibernation mode. It also boasts low-power underwater propulsion, advanced sensors for spotting threats and hazards, efficient navigation and control systems, and modern methods to prevent biological growth and material wear.

During the initial testing in February and March, the main focus was on how well the Manta Ray moved underwater and how its propulsion, steering, buoyancy, propellers, and control surfaces operated.

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