I am wondering why as I see more information on astroturfing and the involvement of Eglin air force base I am seeing a common thread of posts being deleted or inaccessible. Is anyone else experiencing this? I recently posted about the Peru/MH370 topics and their frequency of discussion on this thread and came to the determination through speaking with others that the focus right now needs to be Grush, the whistleblowers, the hearing and next best steps. It seems as the sub through the new information of Grush’s medical documents has re-focused on these topics as a whole for the last 10-15 hours at least. I think it is in the best interest of us all to continue the focus and the pressure in this direction. But I have noticed that posts are being deleted or are unable to click into at all. I’ve got two screenshots here of this being the case. Maybe it is circumstance but I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same.

Edit: Here is the link to examples: https://imgur.com/a/b3IZzgw

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