I believe in Aliens, I’m beginning to believe they’re here, and I’m 50/50 on the airplane videos.

But part of me believes it’s all just a ruse. That our government is way deeper and way more sophisticated than we could ever imagine.

If you believe a commercial airliner could be abducted by UAPs. Then you can’t discredit a Government backed VFX team made the video, and had knowledge of the satellites and drone’s capabilities. Comparing, that seems plausible to me.

MH370 does nothing but prove higher government gets shit done. They were able to sweep this under the rug for a decade? With a video of the incident online (I know 2014 internet was different then). We still have never found the plane.

All I’m saying is, this could be any country’s Hail Mary to know what America possesses or America is insinuating to the world we possess UAP/sci-fi.

Either way we all know the world is getting antsy.

This could just be a decade’s long arms race for sci-fi tech. You let people leak here and there, release a few photos, and videos, just feed the masses a little bit here and there.

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