Laser and plasma weapons have been in development for a long, long time, some in public, but many in secrecy. They DO tie back to many observed UAP, but not for the reason you think.

I did a lot of research into this and the UAP connection several months ago.

They are called DEWs or Directed Energy Weapons.

The average person can buy a 100 watt laser weapon online for a hundred bucks that run off batteries. The military has (at least disclosed) public development of 500kW laser weapons by Lockheed Martin.

Rumor has it, the US already have a 1 megawatt laser, which would be capable of frying an ICBM in milliseconds even if travelling at Mach 10.

They have truck mounted and vehicle mounted high powered laser and plasma weapons working now on the battlefield.

They also have Masers, which are highly amplified microwave lasers that essentially create enormous electromagnetic waves not in the visible spectrum at all. This tech is not only used as invisible weaponry but may be a key component to achieving Quantum Vacuum Breakdown (a key part of achieving Salvatore Pais’ UAP Navy patents) through the concentration of highly amplified electromagnetic fields. See references for details.

And, scarier, many sattelites in low orbit are rumoured, ready to fry up bases, ICBMs, buildings, and of course other satellites and space stations.

But vice versa: you can now fry satellites, aircraft and ICBMs with ground mounted energy weaponry.

A frantic space race has been ongoing for the past 5-10 years, much of it in secrecy because it is so alarming. It is one of the major reasons the Space Force was funded.

I have credible reason to believe many UAP are in fact man-made, and are deliberately coated in these reflective, metallic, mirrored material coatings, in order to deflect against these next gen energy weapons.

You will soon see ICBMs and satellites entirely reflective for this reason. You’re already seeing aircraft like this. They’re called UAP.

I’m not claiming that all UAP are man made. Just these ones that fit the use case. Really small, spherical, reflective, hard to target. I believe these are UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles owned by the military, for the anti DEW warfare age.

It is also another major reason DUMBs exist, since any location on Earth can now be targeted at the speed of light.


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