Did you really expect the most powerful entity on planet earth not to fight back?

Did you expect them to roll over to legislation from “temporary employees”?

Did you think that by playing fair they would too?

If it isn’t clear that we are over the target I don’t know what else is needed. They aren’t done yet either.

This is a clear warning to anyone thinking of coming forward that everything is fair game.

This is also a warning to congress to back down. Schumer put it best when he said “the intelligence community has 6 ways from Sunday for getting back at you.”

I would be ready for much more dirt to come out on people like Corbell, Knapp and every other “ufo celebrity”. Also get ready for a deluge of BS reports and obvious fakes. IE: vegas alien.

The cats out of the bag so all they have is to attempt to smear and discredit.

They will attempt to sweep this all back into the shadows with the pending NASA and AARO reports.
Keep pushing for disclosure, this isn’t a setback. It is a setup for us to push back even harder. Keep the pressure campaign going.

We are in the final round. This next round will be 20x harder than the entire fight so far.

Oh and mods.. can you just remove the obvious BS 20 second TikTok videos and or anything Greer. Just assume anything from Tiktok/Greer is garbage.

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