Disclosure is coming either way.

What’s happening now is a battle to control the narrative.

Those who have been hiding this secret for 80+ years, want us to believe this phenomenon only started recently.

This is the reason why NASA and AARO refuse to acknowledge or lend credence to historical UFO data.

It’s why Bill Nelson and NASA pretended like he has barely heard of David Gruschs and didn’t even look at his ICIG complaint. (LOL)

Doing so would not match the narrative they want.

Admitting the government has had reverse engineering programs for decades would destroy the notion this all started with the U.S.S Nimitz in 2003. That’s the timeline they want.


Because they know they have committed some of the worst atrocities towards the human race.

Murdering innocent people in the name of secrecy, denying the human race zero point energy while we proceed to LITERALLY POISON THE EARTH with fossil fuels.

and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Schummer amendment is absolutely critical to seeing these soulless demons face justice. If it passes, everything from 1945 onward will be looked at and it will be become evident these people need to face justice.

If it doesn’t pass, we will probably still get disclosure but these people will get off scott free and potentially might be even better off.

Time to start pestering your representatives.

I want these criminals to face sweet sweet justice.

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