Personally I feel there’s enough evidence to suggest there’s some truth to the claims that there’s some non human technology visiting earth. And I haven’t even witnessed UFOs/UAP’s that I can say with absolute certainty weren’t prosaic things myself.

I get the frustration, I experienced it myself when I got ridiculed bringing up the hearing, but then I was thinking, every single human on earth produces their own personal alternate bubble of reality anyway. There are people with views and beliefs that are 100% not mine. Yet they are still ‘valid’.

I have accepted that 90% of humans have a conditioned hive-mind approach when it gets to UFO’s and I can’t change that. They will never accept NHI as a real possibility until the proverbial ship lands on the white house lawn or Biden makes a speech. Why waste time convincing people when it just makes you fodder for ridicule?

It may be healthy to let go off that dualism of believing in something while still caring what others think. If disclosure happens that’s fine. If not, well not a big deal. The reality of the phenomenon will still be there. It is ready to be investigated, we don’t need to care about the dismissive attitude of others.

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