Do yourself a favor and read the Trancas case: Investigated by the Argentine Navy, multiple witnesses (1st and 2nd degree burns suffered by one of them), high purity residues left on the terrain by the flying saucers, light beams from the objects and more… in short, a highly compelling case.

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In 1967 the Argentine Navy was investigating through its commission “COPEFO” (Permanent Commission for the Study of the UFO Phenomenon) more than 200 UFO sightings in the country.

“UFOs worry the Navy. In a naval dependency, the movements of the strange UFOs, whose appearances in Argentina already exceed 200, are closely observed. The rigorous analysis of testimonies and photographs made by the Secretary of the Navy leaves no doubt about their disturbing and real existence.”

One of them was the Trancas case which took place in October 1963 and which Captain Omar Pagani, one of the COPEFO heads, personally went to investigate.

Captain Omar Pagani and a map of Argentina (1967) with indications of UFO sightings. The Trancas case has its own dot.

These forms consisted of questions and were given to witnesses of UFO sightings to fill out themselves.

Mrs. Yolié del Valle Moreno de Colloti, one of the witnesses in the case, filled out her own form for the Navy Information Service at the request of Captain Omar Roque Pagani. If you know Spanish and want to read the Naval Intelligence Service form regarding this case, you can download it here (scroll down): Formulario OVNI de la Armada Argentina, 1963 –

Here are the links to the case (2 parts):

DOSSIER: Los asombrosos fenómenos de Trancas (I) DOSSIER: El caso Trancas. ¿Asedio platillista o militar? (II)

With respect to the white residue left on the ground it is said:

“Under the place where that object was swinging, and within a circle of 8 to 10 meters in diameter, they verified the existence of innumerable white balls of 1 cm. diameter. The next day they found the same little spheres on the railroad track, but not in the disproportionate quantity existing in the garden. When gently pressed, they fell apart.

The head of the chemical laboratory of the Institute of Chemical Engineering of the University of Tucumán, Walter Gonzalo Tell, proceeded to carry out the corresponding analysis, which showed the presence of calcium carbonate, at a percentage of 96.48%, and potassium carbonate, at a rate of 3.51%.”

“From my consideration,

I have the pleasure of writing to you to inform you that, having carried out the chemical analysis on the samples of residues obtained in the area of Trancas, farm of Mr. Antonio Moreno, in our province, the following results have been obtained.

White powdery sample, extracted by brushing of the railroad rails and of zones that, apparently could not be impurified with substances foreign to the chemical composition of the sample.

Total quantity extracted: 2,343 grams.”

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