I’ve tried to document some FBI files on cattle mutilations, and I must say that I’ve only covered 100 pages so far. I shared a few noteworthy highlights and offered my remarks for those who are interested.

These mutilations continue to happen. So, who is responsible for these mutilations? I have a few theories:

Extraterrestrial Beings Military Experiments Wildlife

In short, I believe we have two highly probable theories regarding cattle mutilations. I’m inclined to disregard the wildlife theory because of radiation and surgical cuts. What I find really fascinating about all of this is that all these mutilations are still unexplained to this day. While we can make assumptions about who might be responsible, we cannot be completely certain.

Here is my full article if you are interested!

I want to know this subreddit’s consensus on cattle mutilations. Who do you think is responsible for these mutilations and do you have any different theories?

Bonus: Here are some news articles on cattle mutilations:

Mutilations of Cattle In Texas, Oklahoma Called Work of Cults

Six cattle that died mysteriously in Texas had their tongues removed, authorities say

‘Not One Drop Of Blood’: Cattle Mysteriously Mutilated In Oregon

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