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Here is an article that shows the pieces of the aircraft with matching serial numbers:

Anyways I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that whatever that video was, it was probably not MH370.

I actually think this might be an interesting theory for where MH370 came to a final rest. It mentions at one point the aircraft was headed towards a fix programmed into the pilot’s home simulator computer.

That all said, I suppose it is possible that UAP were messing with the aircraft and teleporting it in and out of reality and the aircraft went off track trying to possibly avoid the UAPs but this feels like a reach. The video is compelling because of the impressive details like the accurate position of the ice detector probe on the drone and the pitot tube on the 777, both visible in the video as heat signatures.

I have no explanation for the video but the aircraft wreckage seems to invalidate the teleportation theory.

Edit: here is a better link to info about the debris:

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