Every week it seems that something new and exciting is dropping. And every week we have three basic groups of thought that emerge;

Group One: Wholly believes.

Group Two: Never believes.

Group Three: Wants to believe but has been burned too many times.

Arguments ensue in most threads and then, eventually, after a few days and a few hundred thousand sleuths on the case we figure out the truth. Everything from weather phenomenon, CGI, reflections, balloons etc.

Too much of Group One and we all look too eager, gullible and naive. We have to realize that in today’s world everyone can create images and video that will trick our senses. The eye is the easiest to be tricked.

However, we can’t be too much of Group Two. Progress can’t ever be made if we bury our head in the sand and simply dismiss firsthand testimony.

We all have to be a little more critical and fall into Group 3 a little more often. Have the want to believe but be cautious and get your sources carefully. Always ask yourself “Who benefits?”. Exhaust all possibilities i.e. Hoaxers, Influencers or just Trolls.

We all want the truth.

We all want to believe.

Don’t blindly trust your I eye.

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