Guys, I’m as furious as anyone else here about his Grusch smear piece, but I’ve seen his personal address getting posted here and that legitimately worries me. Let me be clear, if ANYONE in the ufo community goes and harasses Klippenstein and his family at their house it will be quite a bad look for those of us that want this to be an honest and professional group for disclosure and analysis of the UFO subject. We could even have the law potentially coming after this sub, depending on what happened. Klippenstein’s family does not deserve to get dragged into his shit. Let’s keep our anger directed in the right place, The Intercept. They are paying Klippenstein and allowed this piece to be published. If you must go anywhere, go there and professionally conduct yourself, perhaps with some well thought-out picket signs and letters of complaint. And sign this petition calling for the end of Klippenstein’s employment:

Mods, please crack down on the sharing of Klippenstein’s personal address. Everyone else, please report these comments immediately if you want to preserve this community we’ve built, and not sink to Klippenstein’s level of sharing personal information. We’re better than that.

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