In an interview on July 7, 2023 between George Knapp and Dr. Eric Davis (the same Dr. Eric Davis of the famous Davis/Wilson memo), Dr. Eric Davis makes several statements about Bob Lazar’s employment history at Area 51.

I should note, based on what Dr. Eric Davis states in this interview, he is not a supporter of Bob Lazar, and appears to doubt Bob Lazar knows anything sensitive/classified. This post is not intended to give Lazar credibility, just lay out the the statements made which I believe may contain new information, as presented by Dr. Eric Davis.

The relevant portion of the interview begins at 10:04:

Main “new information” from Eric Davis’ statements on this interview:

Eric Davis claims Bob Lazar did work at Area 51, but in a non-secure area for people with no clearance, called “the pen” or “the tank” Eric Davis claims people who work in that area are in a support role. People who work there do not require any security clearance of any sort. People who work there have no access to classified information, sensitive materials or sensitive information. Eric Davis claims Bob Lazar “had no access to any classified information” Eric Davis claims Bob Lazar was a “radiation physics technicianEric Davis claims he confirmed this (sounds like himself, personally, and perhaps in-person as he described it), with Bob Lazar’s supervisor on Area 51. He claims the supervisor pulled up Bob’s employment record on a computer (which seems like Eric Davis would have to be in person to see?). He claims Bob’s supervisor was a woman, but declined to name the supervisor.

If you google “radiation physics technician” it sounds a job involving monitoring radiation levels to ensure nobody receives dangerous quantities of exposure. I imagine he would be watching some set of sensors from a control room, and need to alert someone/something if levels exceeded safe limits. This control room could be far from anything secure/sensitive. Most jobs posted for similar roles (not at Area 51) do require some technical training, but many are paid hourly and do not appear to be PhD level jobs, nor are they even technically considered engineering jobs.

I’ve included a transcript of the relevant portion of the interview below:

George Knapp: “Dr Davis, we’ve been talking to you about your teleportation study. As you know, my principal guest tonight for the next couple of hours is going to be Bob Lazar. Very controversial figure in UFOlogy. I saw an email that you sent out last night to uh, a chat group, it was… pretty harsh in it’s evaluation of Bob. Let’s keep it to the physics. You’re a physicist. Tell me what about the physics of Bob Lazar doesn’t make sense in your view.”

Eric Davis: “Well, essentially, the propulsion system he has described is nonsense. It’s so superficial. It also does not fit the pattern of what we would expect for any even future exotic gravity modification or amplification system. Even based on today’s technology it doesn’t even come close. Also his speculations on a stable element 115, there’s no such thing. Nuclear physics has identified in recent experiments, going back in the last decade or so, increasingly heavier atoms up to element 116, 117, 118… and there’s an island up there. It’s what they euphemistically call the island of stable elements above 100. And unfortunately, when we say stable, we really mean meta-stable. And such that, any element over element 100, are basically only going to be stable for nano-seconds and then they completely come apart and decay down to the lower elements in the periodic table. There has been no element 115, or any other similar element close in number to it, that are stable over minutes or hours, or even a second or or a small fraction of a second. They’re very unstable. They last roughly 10 to the negative 13 seconds, maybe ten to the negative 9 seconds max. Before they fall to pieces and decay away. So you can have element 115. Now there is a possibility where that might be changed by some physics we’re not aware of. But now, with the kind of physics we know, it’s not possible.”

George Knapp: “You had said that the propulsion system is nonsense of course, but I mean, you work on some pretty exotic types of propulsion ideas there in Texas. You work with the legendary Dr. Hal Puthoff, who also is pursuing some very exotic possibilities. Isn’t it? It’s not possible, that some more advanced civilization has a propulsion system that we cannot fathom right now with our understanding of physics as we know it?”

Eric Davis: “Oh yeah, that’s possible, you can’t dismiss that possibility. I mean, look at the neutron. Let me explain something to the public… the public may not be aware of the fact that a free neutron has the life of twelve to fifteen minutes before it decays away. But neutrons when bound with protons in the nucleus of atoms they can exist for practically the lifetime of the universe. So you see, it’s just the circumstance of energy and forces and possibly other things involved that somehow keep that very unstable neutron line-locked. In other words, it stabilizes. Whatever circumstance in the case the neutron bound with the protons in the nucleus, somehow changes its lifetime. It’s lifetime is sable to be stretched from twelve to fifteen minutes up to nearly the lifetime of the universe. And that’s remarkable. So that means there’s some way we can take unstable matter and stabilize it, and we dont know what that is.

Eric Davis: “But just given the description that Bob has given, it’s just too superficial… to be able to pin it down, and be confident of the information. And plus, he had no access to any classified information. He worked in an uncleared area that was specifically designed for people with no clearances at Area 51. It’s euphemistically called ‘the pen’ or ‘the tank’ … different people have different names for it. And you do NOT need a security clearance to work there, and generally it’s a support type of… it’s a support job location, where you’re not given access to any sensitive materials or information, and you provide support to the operation of the facilities out there. He was a radiation physics technician.

George Knapp: “And how do you know Eric, how do you know?”

Eric Davis: “Because that’s what his supervisor said. His supervisor brought up his employment record on a computer, and… proved it. His supervisor. A woman.”

George Knapp: “Can you give us her name?”

Eric Davis: “No, uh… no.”

George Knapp: “So… you’ve spoken to persons with security clearances about Bob Lazar, and they’ve told you he did work there at Area 51, but not on any flying saucers?”

Eric Davis: “Oh of course of course. He worked down there… actually… I believe he was not even on Area 51 per-se, I think he was stuck to the area out at McCarran Airport, on McCarran Airport, but uh, I believe that ‘pen’ location is at Area 51 as I said. It’s just that he’s not in the… he’s not on the base per-se. And the secure areas where you have to do the codewords and have to show the IDs and go through a couple layers of security and so-forth. So he was not anywhere outside of where the control is positively maintained for people that are not cleared and it’s a very limited restricted movement area.”

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