Please excuse how gross that sounds. I guess it’s a gross request, but I’m fascinated by what I saw, and now I’m even more curious since the post was removed.

I think there could a number of explanations other than aliens, but I can’t help but wonder what the fuck these people are seeing. And why if it’s just some sort of narco land traffickers scaring the people. Why, and how are they convincing an entire village that they’re not human. The video I’m referring to shows a man being pulled away from a body of water wearing a tank top and shorts (I think) he has some bruises and cuts on his arms from what I can tell, and oh yeah, his while fucking face was missing… the skin of his neck was hollow and you could see the vertebrae of his spine, his eyes where gone. There was zero flesh on the exposed bones. The line on his neck seems perfectly horizontal, like a straight deep cut. There was a patch of scalp that seemed to be an imperfect. There was very little blood on predominantly one side of his (remaining) head. It looked surgical.

There were two links of two angles from two different cameras.

I want to know if this is fake, when/where exactly it was recorded, who posted it originally, and where to find it.

Thank you for any aid in the search.

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