Tomorrow (7th of November) is the release of Diana W Pasulkas new book Encounters. I thought I mention it today, because tomorrow I guess it will be all about the Mexico hearing and the Nazca mummies. Anyway, here’s the description of the book by the publisher:

In Encounters, author D.W. Pasulka takes readers to the forefront of this revolution, sharing the work of experts across a spectrum of fields who are working to connect humanity with unknown life-forms.

Most of us have visions of nonhuman encounters that are shaped far more by Hollywood than they are informed by the current research. Encounters rewrites our visions of nonhuman species by featuring the work and stories of contemporary innovators who are rethinking our most basic assumptions about life and its manifestations beyond our experience.

The author of American Cosmic, D.W. Pasulka is a professor of religion at UNC, Wilmington; her work as a scholar has given her the tools to systematically examine data that exceeds rational categories―exactly the skillset needed to parse the world of UFOs, angels, AI, dreams, and other dimensions, which exist at the edges of human understanding. Encounters is a riveting exploration of the leading science of nonhuman life and a bold glimpse of the future of humanity in a universe where we are far from alone.

And here’s the praise:

Her last book, American Cosmic, was well worth the time, so I’m very interested in what she will do with this one. Since she has a new book out, there will probably be new podcast interviews with her to promote the book.

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