There comes a point where the UFO/UAP/Movement for Discloser community has to do something more than wait for the handful of people already in the trenches – the Coultharts, Graves, Fravors, Gruschs, Elizondos and others of the world, to win the war for truth for us. We can’t sit on the sidelines anymore or we will never get the truth.

It appears from Coultharts statement posted on twitter that The Intercept plans to publish a story about Grush’s emotional and mental health during a season of his life where he was dealing with combat PTSD and the loss of a friend who took his own life. This is a flagrant attempt to assisnate his character in front of the world so as to cast doubt on his honor and his hard won investigative work on the subject of UFOs/UAPs.

While this move is a clear sign that those wanting to keep a grasp on the power of knowledge and truth are in fear of losing it, we should not allow them to ruin the few champions we have or risk their lies becoming the world’s truth.

I am NOT advocating violence, but I am advocating for justice and repercussions for those who want to use their influence, power, money, and platforms to hurt our community and the people who fight on behalf of our community.

If The Intercept, and others past and future, think there are no consequences to hurting and discrediting people fighting for honesty and truth, then they will continue to do it over and over until perception finally becomes everyone’s reality.

THEREFORE, if these people and their platforms want to play ‘skeletons in the closet’ then I suggest we play ‘skeleton’s in the closet!’

This sub, and others like it, have some of the best investigators I’ve ever seen. The shit people uncover here and the resources they use to get information are insane. So let’s take that skill and go dig up real shit on the people running these defense companies, media outlets, and the government officials who take their money and start revealing their skeletons.

There are a million+ people in this sub and dispite how they like to portray us, we’re not all backwood hillbillies who saw something in the sky after a long night of moonshine.

Everything we need to launch a campaign to fight against these assholes and for the truth – to defend those on the frontlines for us, is right here. All we need now is to rally together, create a plan and execute it. We don’t need a Go Fund Me, we don’t need an expert, we just need the willingness and resilience to do it.

For now, just take the gift or skill you already have and apply it towards defending the people they’re so hungry to destroy. A hundred people taking one action a week in there own way through there own means can begin a movement that makes a real difference. Shit, just send the champions some encouragement.

Personally, I’m pissed off!

This is no longer about IF we are being lied to, we are.

It’s no longer about if the truth is being distorted, it is.

It’s no longer about if there are secrets being kept from the American people, and the world, there are.

It’s no longer about if UFOs/UAPs really exist, they do.

What it is about, above all else, is that there is a secretive, powerful, group of few who think they know better than us – who think they make global decisions for the human race – who think they’re the chosen few who get to control truth and knowledge, and they are not!

If there are people in our community already working to this effort DM me – I’ll help.

Because enough is enough.

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