F-35 Disappearance

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See the linked article, but essentially an F-35 essentially up and vanished. They called the accident a “mishap” but usually in my experience the cause of a crash is reported, especially if the pilot lived like in this case.

They are now looking for support from anyone in finding the aircraft. This, in my mind, points to 3 potential situations. With there was an accident that required the pilot to eject as a crash was imminent, but how would that explain not knowing where the asset went, how much further would a plane go if they were able to find the plane.

The second scenario is an an accident happened, the pilot ejected, and the plain crashed and we lost the asset. I find this unlikely as the incident happened over land to my understanding, the article references two lakes, but not like the craft was over the ocean. In my mind the at lead this would give a search area to look for a crash. Also if the crash was over the ocean it is most likely gone in seconds as it would sink, so why would the air force need help from civilian assets in that case. Also how would they not know where the plan in. Most luxury cars have gps tracking let alone an 80 million+ dollar aircraft. Not to mention other does the military have in motoring our air assets.

This leads to option 3, something unexplainable. Now the Carolina’s according to the DoD and AARO are a “uap hotspot” and I believe lieutenant Graves sited that area specifically as an area of interest. They always speak about person abduction, but wouldn’t it be better to steal a highly technologically advanced craft to learn about us rather than people? To do that mid flight would be absolutely mind blowing but maybe that’s a point.

Not sure if it has been debunked, but I have seen a video of a large passenger plane being abducted mid flight. Not sure if it true and I will try and link in the comments, but if this not debunked it seems to support that theory.

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