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Background: My dad was in the US Army during the 70s (E5 Staff Sergeant, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division). His MOS was 19D Recon Specialist aka Army Scout. He was stationed in Germany at O’Brien Barracks Schwabach, approximately 30 miles from Nuremberg. The base was responsible for patrolling and monitoring a 300 mile stretch of border between Germany and Czechia.

The recent Congressional Hearing has spurred my interest in finding some more information around this incident he has told me about. I recently asked him, via text, to tell me about that incident again.

Remember when you told me your buddy in the Army in Germany told you that something weird was seen on radar? What was that all about?

All I know is that they were testing a new type of radar. They saw something come straight down from an unknown height and shot across the border, then shot straight back up. All this at an incredible speed. Jets were scrambled to intercept. He went through 6 months of intense questioning by VIPs, Senators, Congressman, and big brass from the Pentagon who were investigating what was seen and recorded. That’s all I know. Everyone involved was ordered to remain silent or go to jail. My friend wouldn’t discuss anything else about it.

What year was that? Was that in Germany?

Fall of 1978 on the German-Czech border.

Out of curiosity, I decided I would try to dig up any information that may have been documented about this incident around that location and timeframe. So far, all I have been able to track down is a very generic Wikipedia article with very little information.

I shared this snip with my dad, who felt that it might be the incident that occurred.

I tried to Google more information about the highlighted section referring to Žatec, with no luck and I’m not sure where else to look. I’m hoping that our awesome internet sleuths can help track down some more information.


Dad was stationed in Schwabach Germany at O’Brien Barracks during the incident in 1978. One of his squadmates witnessed something incredible while monitoring radar of the German-Czech border. His friend was questioned over 6 months and threatened with jailtime. He would discuss no further. I can’t find any additional information.

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