So I’ve been reading the Bible lately. I know, I know, it’s almost more embarrassing than admitting you’re into UFOs. Ezekiel, Fatima, John and Revelations, they all read as if some “heavenly” personality (angel/alien/higher dimensional entity/etc) shows the prophet images of the destruction of earth. Specifically it is always nuclear exchange. That much is clear (to me, everything here is speculation). The messenger says this is where you’re headed if you cannot change course. So they say there is a chance! But after the bombs fall the message usually includes detailed descriptions of ships or creatures flying around harvesting our misery or souls or something. Here’s my theory – there are a bunch of “aliens” with varying degree of corporeality but there is a community out there. Most of us assume that advanced cultures are likely benevolent but that may be not clear cut from our POV. Probably some “monsters”. Here’s where I am going to reference the Millenium (movie). In that movie future post apocalypse humans go back in time to gather humans about to die (plane crash). Since they are dying anyhow then they are “up for grabs, fair game” and that genetic material could help our situation in future shithole earth. Back to the Bible, what if benevolent aliens are keeping the soul harvesting monster aliens at bay… except when we nuke ourselves they say: F these monkeys, go have fun monsters!

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