This happened near Delegación Venustiano Carranza, like 3 blocks away, across Fray Servando.

**Date of sighting:**

Can’t remember the exact date, but it was in 2008 I believe.

**Time of sighting:**

At dawn, must have been like 6:30 or 7:00 pm.

**Duration of sighting:**

It didn’t last more than 20 minutes

**Number of witnesses:**

Myself, a guy who used to be my friend and his grandma.

**Descripton of sighting:**

So we (my friend and I) were out for a walk, but on our way to my friend’s home. We were like 16 yo (currently 30). We were talking nonsense when he grabbed my arm, pointed at the sky and said to me “What is that?”. I thought he was pointing at a piñata, but I took a step to the side and noticed a black sphere, noiseless, completely still on the sky. He said he had a toy telescope that we could use to get a better look. We saw two more spheres in different cardinal positions, now a total of three, and that’s when we made a run for his house. His grandma had dinner served, but we went straight to his closet in search for this telescope. We were screaming that there was something in the sky, and she just gave us a look like tf is wrong with these kids. We found it and went up to his roof, which fortunately is (or was, we’re not friends anymore) one of the tallest on the zone. The three spheres were completely still. I’ve concluded they must have been like 300-400 meters up in the sky and 5-6 meters in diameter, but please keep in mind I was a teenager with no visual training. I was so shocked it didn’t cross my mind to ask my friend for the telescope, which he kept to himself throughout the whole episode, but he did say he could see a belt of spikes on the spheres. I can’t confirm this since I didn’t personally see through the telescope. His grandma came up with us, and as soon as she saw these things she started to pray (they were a very christian family). After maybe 5 minutes the three spheres started moving at the same time towards the horizon. We thought that was it, but oh boy, we hadn’t seen anything. It was dawn and sunlight hit in a weird angle as the sun was setting behind a massive storm cloud that occupied the whole horizon, so half of the sky was dark and the other half was a bright orange. From the dark part of the sky a fleet of these things came at the same pace. They flew around the same speed as an airplane, if not a little slower. No fancy lights, no fancy maneuvers, but they were silent and, like I said, spheres. The fleet was a column, but inside this column the spheres were grouped in pairs, in groups of 3 (like forming an equidistant triangle) and groups of 4 (like an elongated diamond). These groupings were so clear, definitely not balloons drifting randomly. When we saw this my friend’s grandma got on her knees praying something about the end of times, which got me even more scared. What we were seeing was so incredible, it crossed my mind that it was an invasion like in the movies and I was expecting death laser rays destroying the city anytime. Maybe this sounds ridiculous now, but it speaks of how impressed I was. But that was it, the spheres just flew keeping their formation into the horizon until we couldn’t see them anymore. After that I went home and told my parents. They gave me the same “look” as my friend’s grandma before she saw them, but the next day my dad found a newspaper article from El Universal that confirmed people downtown saw these spheres. I lost the newspaper cutting long ago and tried searching on their digital archive, but they don’t upload the whole newspaper, only certain articles, and none from that time speak of UFOs.

For years I thought it was a secret military project, but it turns out Mexico still flies WW2 planes. There’s no budget to fight the cartels, let alone to invest in this kind of tech. And it didn’t make sense to me that another country would fly their secret crafts over one of the most populated cities in the world. This happened years before drones were disclosed. I kinda blocked the memory and even became a denier of UFOs, mainly because I couldn’t cope with my experience. I guess that’s why I can’t remember the exact date. Only a few of my friends know this, but I’ve come to acknowledge I did see this, whatever they were, and opening up about this is also an effort on processing it.

I took two pictures, which are super underwhelming. I had a Nokia 5310 at the time and had to use max zoom to focus these things, so all you can see is a bunch of gray pixels over a blue background. I don’t think they’ll add to the credibility to the story given how bad they are, and anyone who saw them could argue they’re just a stain on a wall, but they have a personal value since they help me remember this actually happened. Like I told you, I’m not friends with this guy anymore and things ended badly between us, so there’s no way I can approach him to discuss our sighting. We never spoke of the event either.

Thank you for reading me.

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