Hello guys, random nickname here.

3 weeks ago, I recorded this video with my Iphone 7 (lol).I was sure the phone recording was going to be crap, but it turned out pretty good once I checked it on my PC.


So, i’ve spotted these flying orbs for years now, since I got aware that this occurs every night if the conditions are good and you have a small amount of patience and curiosity for the subject. I spot these almost every night, but they are not always flying this low or shines this bright as in the recording.

Sometimes these “orbs” are very clear and shine a bright light. Sometimes they are very faint in the light, and you will have a hard time tracking them with your eyes. I’ve seen them turn the light up & down, like they sometimes shine really bright for 2-3 seconds, and then returns to normal. And sometimes they just seems to turn down the light and vanish completely from sight.

Last night when I was out in the garden, I always look up because I know these things will appear if i’m just patient enough. I then spotted a traditional moving “orb” like the one in the video, moving across the night sky, altough it wasn’t shining very bright and it was way further away than the one in the recording, so it was like tracking a very small moving dot. As the orb moves across the sky, I can see it’s going to cross paths with a star on the night sky. The second the orb flew past the star, the star immediatly started to move in the opposite direction of the passing orb, so now I was looking at 2 moving orbs, going in different directions. One was static all the time and nobody would believe it’s nothing but just another star on the sky, but seeing it starting to move as the orb passed, left me speechless.

I live in Denmark btw.

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