Anyone else feel like the sudden influx in posts about the disappearing airplane and the attacks in Peru are nothing more than a smokescreen from the Grusch allegations?

I’m suspicious for two reasons:

The timing. With Congress going into recess for the month of August, it has created a vacuum of sorts, slowing down momentum on the Grusch story and opening the door for other stories to get pushed through. The timing is uncanny and is a perfect setup for striking while the iron is hot. Hypothetically, if these two stories were intentionally faked, then it has worked amazingly well against this community. (A potential red herring, sending people in the wrong direction) The framing. The disappearing airplane and the attacks in Peru both have a common thread running along side each. They both are about UAPs/aliens harming people and/or making them vanish, or in other words, both stories are framing UAPs/aliens as dangerous to humans. Make of that what you will.

Long story short, something seems off to me. Don’t lose sight of the Grusch thread.

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