Followed by 3 orbs for 30 minutes

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This happened Saturday night about 11:30 to midnight. Me and my three friends were driving a pickup truck in a remote area of Central Arizona, about 15 miles north of Payson. Not much out there besides campsites and random clusters of cabins in the woods. We were at one of these clusters or maybe better description is small neighborhood or village. This neighborhood has a general store and a spot to play pool, this village is about 10 miles from our cabin, but the drive is about 25-30 minutes depending on how fast you feel like ripping the dirt road. We played pool for a hour or two and the orb experience began on our way home back to our cabin. Let me preface this by saying, of the 4 of us, I am the most interested in UAP’s. The others are more of “meh, cool” but not really that interested like I am.

The route back to our cabin, dirt road, It borders national forest land. Its dark, and spotted with occasional campsites and random cluster of cabins. I was driving, gf was in shotgun, 2 friends in bed of pickup truck. A few minutes after leaving pool spot, I hear a commotion coming from the bed or truck. They had a bluetooth speaker going, and I hear the music stop.. “OP OP.. STOP THE CAR… LOOK AT THIS..” He’s telling me that there is an orb/ball of light zipping around the sky. I stop the car, get out and see the orb but its not moving. It looked like a star at this point, so I say “Well I gotta get us home, keep an eye on it and give me the play by play”. I’m driving slower now like 10-15 mph, so that I can hear what’s being said in the bed of truck with my window down. I ask my gf to sit in the windowsill and watch it and keep me updated. I was honestly just trying to get back to our cabin at this point. Not thinking UAP yet.

This is were it starts to get goofy. As soon as we move the truck, the orbs start moving again. 2 friends in the bed are hollering at me again “OP…OP!!! ITS MOVING AGAIN..DO YOU SEE THIS??” now my gf is also watching while sitting next to me and is relaying the exact same info. They are pretty hysteric and shaken up. The orbs are dashing/blinking around from horizon to horizon. Zipping from passenger side, to behind us, to drivers side. Basically darting around us, maybe circling us?? Hard to say. I am driving 10-15 mph by the way, the curve of the road could not produce this kind of movement. When it appears on the drivers side (I am driving) I was able to look my window and see it appear and disappear numerous times. 100% can confirm and saw it. A 2nd and 3rd orb appeared at some point and was moving around in the same fashion. We were getting spooked and I felt I needed to get us home safe so I kept on driving, listening to the play by play they were giving me. This continued on for about 30 minutes, the entire way home on this dirt road till we pull up to our cabin. I also want to include, they were not moving in a pattern. It was more like dancing? The whole ride I’m hearing “OHHHH.. OHHH… ITS OVER THERE NOW.. OHH MY GOD… ITS OVER HERE NOW..” And thankfully I was able to see it appear/disappear from my driver side window view a dozen times.

When we get home we had a massive discussion about what just happened. Here are a few takeaways from it. “They” seemed to be fucking with us to some extent. It felt mischievous. There were trees around us, the area is forested, but the orbs would move into our line of sight, no matter where we were. For example, a stationary object would be blocked by tree cover from time to time. These orbs would align themselves so that they could always see us or we could always see them… which is why it felt like we were being followed / watched. And the movement action calmed down as soon as we got back to our small cluster or neighborhood of cabins 30 minutes later. Although 1 orb did “park” in the horizon for while, we watched it till it eventually faded into nothing.

I was thinking about omitting this next part because only 2 people saw this happen, but fuck it here it goes: Friend in bed of truck who had the best view, and watched them for literally 30 minutes said the orbs would respond to his movement. He said he raised his left hand, the orb he was looking at would move left. Same with right hand etc, etc. I can’t confirm this part as strongly as I can confirm the previous statements, as I didn’t see that aspect for myself. But let me tell you…this friend was shook. I had to snap him out of a weird headspace after this. The friend who was least interested in UAP had the most intense experience out of us all.

Quick description of the orbs: Ball of light, similar to a very bright star. Sometimes it would be bright, sometimes it would be dim. No blinking patters like you would see with a plane. It was a solid ball of light. I felt like I saw some orange-ness to them. At some points there were 3 orbs. But not always. There was a “main” orb that seemed closest? As far as their position in the sky, never directly over our heads, always just above the tree line on the horizons. Like I mentioned, if a tree was about to obstruct our view, the orbs would move into a visible position.

Drones… Yes this was my first thought. I don’t have a ton of drone experience but I am pretty hard pressed to believe a drone can move, disappear, reappear as quickly as these did. They were silent as well. Changed brightness, followed us for 30 minutes, But if you have any nighttime drone footage to show me, I will take a look and let you know if it looked similar. Maybe there was a camper out there flying 3 drones at night time, saw us coming down the path and decided to fuck with us. I’m open to changing my mind. When I brought this up the others they said “That was not a fucking drone show”

Overall, awesome experience as I write it today, but nuts in the moment. I was pretty worried due to the feeling of being followed for 30 minutes. I regret not switching drivers so I could watch from the truck bed but oh well. Time to plan another cabin trip 😉

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