Was looking through pages of information on ForgottenLanguages and came across some interesting text about FDVs, or Forced Deorbiter Vehicles.

“Satellite orbits are subject to only minor unpredictable disturbances, therefore satellite positions are predictable. One needs orbits to be predictable and undisturbed for any space-based communication and surveillance system to work. FDV is the acronym for Forced Deorbiter Vehicle, a space weapon which is basically a sphere. These spheres are the most massive artificial objects we have ever built. They are made of DENIED and look like weird onions with layers made of osmium. They are passive objects, you see. They simply pass by a target satellite and perturb its orbit in a way you cannot predict anymore neither its orbit nor its position.”

Source: https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2018/11/unacknowledged-orbiters-stability-dream.html?m=1

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