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Please start here, where OP posted some interesting possible UFO photos:

Since the poster there helpfully gave us exact time, date and location, it was easy to find that place on Google Maps, and it looks like the camera faces east. I start looking around FlightRadar24 and I found something weird.

Or, weird to me, who is strictly an amateur on aviation topics. People may want to look at this.

Flightradar has nothing at that time (unless I’m missing it) but…

I found a weird flight nearby.

Claims to be registered to the US Air Force Academy when you google it, but doesn’t seem to have logged flights from military facilities, has a number of unusual looking nighttime flights of short duration with weird math values presented, and inexplicably seems to show up in the South Pacific.

Says it’s a Schempp-Hirth Discus-2b, but its flight path begins up the side of Mt. Nebo, it makes ludicrously sharp banking maneuvers… and then vanishes. Flight path is just a bit southeast of Mona where this was taken.

Not seeing anything else interesting, but is that kind of glider able to make moves like this? Why does it suddenly appear and then disappear?

Honestly, I think someone who knows how to do this better than me should record the playback. There’s some weird stuff there. The craft seems to appear out of nowhere, jump ahead fast, vanish then reappear, then vanish again. All flights for that call sign are weird and unusually short with bizarre values.

It first appears here to the second at 19:10:40:

Still unmoved as of 19:11:09:

This seems to be that exact position:’25.4%22N+111%C2%B046’48.4%22W/@39.7237262,-111.7814697,548m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m4!3m3!8m2!3d39.723724!4d-111.780112?entry=ttu

That seems to be an exceptionally unlikely place to launch a glider from. Plus how did you drag it up there?

19:11:10 position, it moves:

It stays there till 19:11:29:

At 19:11:30 it vanishes and reappears here about 1/4 mile north:

It remains in position until 19:11:39:

19:11:40 moves again:

It says there until 19:11:49, then at 19:11:50 moves again–always these huge sudden jumps, and bizarrely claimed 13,000 feet altitude.

If you go back to the replays of this for what Silver access gets on FlightRadar24, it’s all over the SW USA but there’s a flight that puts it… weird.

Look here:

Play back the June 18 flight from 10:16 PM that ends at 10:16 PM. It gains and loses thousands of feet of altitude by the second with claimed ground speed of 30-70 miles per hour… same area!

The earlier flight, same day, claims an apparent starting position in the South Pacific east of Nauru with a starting altitude of 7600 feet at 36 miles per hour and a squak of “0000”. The site will not allow you to play back this one flight.

Seriously, run playbacks of these flights. Theres’s something very weird there.

What do you all make of this?

May be worth checking other nearby flights and craft from the same area (there’s a few but this one jumped out for the oddities). I don’t know what to make of this.


What if the government obscures radar-logged UFOs by programmatically assigning false values to them so they get buried in the sheer volume of flight data?

Anyone want to bet UFOs are hidden in plain sight on tracking such as FAA data to simply look like other innocuous flights assigned to data claiming to be other US government craft? If they get logged, this would be an easy way to obfuscate data at scale.

It’s so stunningly stupid and simple of a solution that it makes perfect sense as a possibility. The technical and engineering requirements to make this scenario functional are not even that hard to do.

UFO appears on logged radar systems which the government controls. Various US government entities (automated) validate that it’s not something of ours (or is, but needs hiding). Programmed outcomes/systems “modify” the listings in records in/near real time to obfuscate and misidentify them.

The average general public is never in a million years going to look up THIS flight. Why the hell would anyone, if not for the lead of that post that I read, and someone connecting the dots?

Assuming the reality of the situation here is more mundane and prosaic, and IF it was JUST this one flight of that ID, I would happily go with fluke. Weird stuff, close browser, move on…

But add in the UFO photo nearby… from the EXACT right time frame… and the oddness of the data here… and the oddness of the other flights of that ID… and the oddness of this craft claiming to be registered to the US Air Force….

(EDITED to be easier to read and follow.)

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